• Maintain authenticity as to show up in full integrity

• Hold space for each aspect of client experience

Safety & Health
• Acknowledge the contradictions of massage and refer clients to the appropriate health professional.

• Consistently maintain a clean environment, not limited to clothing, sheets and personal use items.

• Maintain the right to refuse to treat any person(s) or part of the body for reasonable cause.

• Refrain under all circumstance to engage in any sexual activities involving clients.

• Represent qualifications honestly, including education, training and professional achievements.

• Respect client’s right to refuse, modify, or stop services regardless of prior consent.

• Respect and maintain client and personal boundaries including but not limited to emotional expression, beliefs, privacy, bodily, history and exposure.

• Protect the confidentiality of all client information unless instructed otherwise by law, court order or for the protection of client or the public at large.

• Integrate with other health professionals when needed as to better client experience


• Maintain adequate records and history of clients

• Maintain proper financial documentation and management for longevity and integrity of practice.